September 6th, 2001



Weighing speaking for its own sake versus saying at least something. The latter wins out; a completely empty page looks like its owner just doesn't care. I think I'm OK at introductions, anyway.

Hello, world. World number two.

This is my secret-identity weblog; I have had other, more obvious ones for a while now, but a cohort invited me to get an account here so's we could be Friends. Hurray! I further rationalize that my geeky side is curious about the technical and user-interface facets of a popular weblogging system, as I'm interested in hacking on these sorts of things, so I've given myself a research grant to waste time here. Thank you, self!

I picked the name 'prog' because it was the first thing on this page that looked easy to type.

I have no plans regarding using this blog versus my other "social" one. Well, maybe: I have a stated policy on that one never to mention anything I wouldn't want all my friends and co-workers reading. Does that necessarily imply that I'll feel encouraged to gush my little heart out all over this one? Consider the follow-through: would you want to read a journal filled solely with gushly goo? Yii

Well, we'll see. Nice to meet you.